Womens March

Today I walk in my home, alone. I must stand for what I believe. I believe all humans are created equal, I believe no matter your gender, race, preference you should have the same rights, be treated with respect and loved. I believe I can have beliefs that are different from yours and I can politely disagree with them and still love and support you. I believe I have no right to judge you as I am only human.

I walk alone today for what I believe as the organizers of the women’s march group determined that women who are pro life have no right to march by the side of other women. They determined because I am Pro Life I have no value to the women’s movement. This is not the inclusiveness for all I believe in. When we choose to exclude we choose to encourage division. I see the beliefs of the organizers of the walk just as oppressive as those who do not support women rights for equality, who do not support same rights for those with different preferences. who do not support people of different color, who are not respectful of the religious beliefs of others. I am aware many participating in the walk do not agree with the exclusion of pro life they are there for the other issues, I respect that.

I march alone in my home for full inclusion and rights of all humans. We all deserve to be treated equal, we all deserve to live the life we choose, we all deserve to not have our beliefs disrespected by others.

I walk alone today in my home for the right for equality for all.

3 thoughts on “Womens March

  1. I agree with your post. All humans are created equal and citizens of this country, and those who seek entry by legal means, should be treated and protected equally. I do not support the killing of unborn children who have no voice.

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