Blessings of the Camino


It’s been a week yesterday since I walked my last steps on the Camino.  My clothes are clean and put up, backpack dirt has been soaked away, and my shoes are dust free.  My mind is at peace, body relaxed, and I’m already trying to organize my next Camino adventure.  Who would have thought 10 days of walking would change a person so much.

How I miss rising in the morning with my only agenda being to slather my feet in vaseline, slide on my toe socks, tie my trail runners then put one foot in front of the other mile after mile.   You just can’t beat the act of walking long distances, becoming one with nature, and opening your heart to the Lord.  

Admittedly my Camino was pretty plush compared to many.  I walked with an amazing group of Christians brought together by Catholic Channel radio host Gus Lloyd.  Our accommodations and meals were pre-planned for us, our luggage was transported and we had two amazing guides along with a support van provided by Marly Camino.  Many will say we were not true pilgrim as we did not feel the weight of our backpacks and the worry of finding a place to rest our heads.  I, however, say we were pilgrims in every sense!  We walked, we prayed, we opened our hearts to all that surrounded us, we were supportive, joyful and searched our souls with the Holy Spirit in control.  

Each person has their unique way to relate to the Camino; the mile goal, the speed goal, the social goal but no matter your way the Holy Spirit will work magic if you open your heart. 

It is a true blessing to have the opportunity to walk hand in hand with the Lord by your side you learn so much about your self.  Two things will resonate with me always. First, one of our beautiful faithful pilgrims came thinking she would spend her time praying for others.  She found the Lord had other plans having her finding the Camino mentally, emotionally and spiritually challenging.  The second was a message a special man received from his wife in heaven: worry less, listen more.  The Camino gives you what you need.

Of course, another great memory is Spanish Sangria, it is the nectar of life! After a long day of walking, it rejuvenates the body and brain.  Each day our group of peregrino would set up at the closest bar to rest, relax and support the rest of our group with sangria and beers as they arrived.  At times we cheered in other pilgrims we met along the way.  The Camino has a way of creating camaraderie and love regardless of country or language. 

I challenge each of you to find your Camino be it the way of Saint James or somewhere else.  My one piece of wisdom is no matter how well you plan, how well you train, how prepared you think you are, God is in control and he will set the course you need. 

Happy Days

2 thoughts on “Blessings of the Camino

  1. It is amazing how parts of our journey in this life can transform us and bring us closer to what is truly important. So proud of your determination and excited to see your next adventure!

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