Low Points, Old Maps, and Luxury

Mojito Time- ahhh life is good!

Jordan is rich in history, golden sand, and beautiful sunsets. I enjoyed every moment there and highly recommended it be added to your Bucket list. Petra was stunning; the history and age of the ancient rose-colored city were mind-boggling. Renewing my baptism vows at the site where Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist was overwhelming. Wandering in the same desert as the Israelites, viewing the promised land in the same place as Moses was insightful. Spending the night in a luxury tent on the Wadi Rum was out of this world.  Relaxing at a five-star hotel at the lowest point on earth, bobbing in the Dead Sea, and stunning sunsets left me dazed! Learning about and seeing the oldest known geographic floor mosaic in Art history made me think I made the wrong career choice.

See Petra-The Rose City

Reflecting on my time in Petra, I realized I needed more energy, time, and information on the sites. Petra is a whirlwind of beauty and history that genuinely deserves days of exploring to do it justice. Walking through the ruins from the 1st century B.C. with influences over the centuries from Nabatean, Roman and Byzantine cultures…So cool. Stay at the hotel within walking distance, take water, and snacks, pull out your inner Indiana Jones mojo, and explore this magnificent place.

Thanks to those with great curiosity for the past great places from history have been uncovered. These discoveries allow us to walk in the steps of the past and see the same views from Biblical history. Their work allows us memorable experiences, such as renewing our Baptism vows at the site where John Baptized Jesus. 

Flying through Mars, I mean the Wadi Rum

The orange-red landscape of the Wadi Rum gives one the feeling of being transported to Mars. The best way to explore the Wadi Rum is on a jeep or truck bed fixed up with seats and cover from the hot sun.

Once you’ve explored the Wadi Rum from the back of a vehicle, it is time to dine on Bedouins Barbecue. The Bedouins are desert nomads and were once the primary inhabitants of the Holy Land. This definition makes one wonder if Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob would have been described as Bedouins. Bedouins’ Barbecue or Zarb is a goat or sheep cooked underground in earth ovens. Vegetables are placed over the meat in the underground oven, then covered with sand and a blanket. The meat is roasted long and slow, making for tasty, tender meat and a delicious meal.

my luxury tent – the bed felt like home

An unusual rain front covered the sky with clouds; however, my patience was rewarded. As I sat enjoying the silence of the cool night, the clouds lifted, and I was rewarded with a dark navy sky glowing with sparkling stars. Still not familiar with my iPhone 11 pro; no photo was taken, but it’s okay, as that sight will be burned in my memory forever!

Early Morning in the desert

Morning brings Camel rides through the desert for many of my pilgrim peeps. I choose to ride in the comfort of the truck bed seats. No desire to sit on those critters!

The next stop is the Luxury of a five-star spa on the banks of the Dead Sea! We spent two nights here, and I hope to return someday. Beautiful pools, views, and a great poolside bar allows one to enjoy the splendid sunsets. 

Sunset over the dead sea

Better than any spa treatment is a float in the Dead Sea. The salty waters has you bobbing like an apple, coats your skin with an oil substance and puts your body at ease. Three weeks later and my skin is still enjoying the benefits of the the Dead Sea. The Dead See is geographically the lowest point on earth, some 1300 feet below sea level. Not that I believe one should gossip but rumor has it Sodom and Gomorrah were located here. Truth or Fiction that’s for you to decide.

Replica piece of the Mabada Mosaic Map

Last but not least is our trip to Madaba, an ancient town in Jordan. Here we visit the site of the 6th-century mosaic map of the Holy Land located in the Greek Orthodox Church of St. George. The Byzantine Mosaic Map covers the floor of the church.  The map includes the regions from Jordan and Palestine in the north to Egypt in the south and includes the city of Jerusalem. 

Actual Madaba Mosaic Map

Visiting all these archaeological sites has piqued my curiosity. If I could go back in time, I would study Archaeology. To be a part of unearthing these incredible historical sites would to be cosmic!

Last picture of the Map

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